Company Profile:

NuCapital's focus is the origination and development of new wind farms, solar PV projects, and integrated solutions in high-cost, under-developed energy markets in the Caribbean and Central and South America. In addition, NuCapital seeks to acquire utility-scale and commercial or industrial-sized projects that are already under development. High energy costs, scarcity of competing projects, and chronic supply deficits in these high-growth locales combine to offer compelling economics for seasoned, entrepreneurial experts in the field. NuCapital's income and ultimate upside are derived from retained ownership in its wind farms developed from greenfield sites in the target markets. NuCapital participates as the majority owner developer and operator providing the necessary capital and expertise and typically prefers to join with strong local partners in target markets.

NuCapital, Inc. was formed in March 2007 as the parent company to hold controlling or majority interests in all of its project companies. Consistent with the core business model, the projects are developed concurrently in a series of dedicated special purpose subsidiaries formed to hold the interests in each distinct project and, similarly, special purposes companies are formed to provide the full range of services to these entities including acquisition, origination, development, advancement, construction, operation and maintenance of all holdings. Included among the holdings are the project and service companies shown above. In September 2014, NuCapital led the Caribbean’s first successful securitization of bonds backed by the future income stream of the Vader Piet project.

NuCapital, Inc. was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with deep energy backgrounds, renewable energy emphasizing wind (10 MW to 300 MW), and traditional oil and gas exploration and production. Collectively, the seven members of the management team and board of directors have in excess of one hundred years of experience in the field with decades of direct investment and operations in the target region of NuCapital's focus. The Company is headquartered in Willemstad, Curaçao. In October 2014 NuCapital led the Caribbean's first successful securitization of bonds backed by the future income stream of the Vader Piet project.

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