Gail V. Walker

Director and Board Member

Board Member Gail Vento Walker has been active as both an environmentalist and conversationist for several decades. In addition, she has served on several not-for-profit and eleemosynary Boards, primarily focusing on education and medical research.

Most recently, she has served as the President of the Lana Vento Charitable Trust for over a decade.

Mrs. Walker holds dual degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geology and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. As an avid outdoorswoman, she is also certified in training for Outdoor Leadership Seminars. She is a Private Pilot, and her hobbies include Hydro-foiling, Stand-up Paddle Boarding, Surfing, Skiing, Mountain and Dirt Biking and working on her first car which is a classic 1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 40.

In her own words, she “loves living in the mountains, but the islands will always hold a special place in my heart.” She led her family’s investment in NuCapital in 2008 and, prior to her recent move back to the United States, lived in the US Virgin Islands for many years. She now lives with her husband, Eric, and their daughter just outside of Lake Tahoe in Truckee, California.

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