NuCapital and its principals are the majority owners and developers of the 30 MW Vader Piet wind farm which has been operational since December 31, 2009. Vader Piet currently supplies approximately 18% of Aruba’s annual demand.

The sole off-taker, the Water and Electricity Board of Aruba ("WEB Aruba"), has long been recognized as one of the premier utilities in the Caribbean; NuCapital was pleased to be chosen as the winning bidder in a competitive tender process launched in 2008. The deployment of the ten 3.0 MW Vestas V-90 turbines in Aruba and those deployed by NuCapital in neighboring Curaçao represents the largest operating turbines in the Caribbean and serves as the yardstick by which all other projects are measured. vader piet

The shade provided by the large towers are well used, as can be seen below. geiten in molen schaduw

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