WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao –  July 28, 2017, the new  Tera Kòrá III wind farm was inaugurated. the newly operational windfarm has a total installed capacity of 17.25 MW, bringing the total in Curaçao to 47.25 MW.

 The importance of this expanded project is reflected by the fact that, when combined with the existing wind farms, Curacao joins the world leaders in clean, sustainable energy; the island now sources greater than 40% of its annual demand from wind alone, along with its neighbor Aruba as the Caribbean leaders for clean energy.

From the early 1990’s Curaçao sourced clean energy from a total of 30 smaller wind turbines which were replaced in 2012 with 10 larger, state-of-the-art wind turbines. The 5 new turbines which were commissioned are Vestas V-117 3.45 MW turbines and will generate 65% of the energy originally generated from the 10 V90. Each turbine reaches a hub height of 91 meters from the ground, which three blades of 57 meters each. The wind turbines are built by the Danish company VESTAS and the civil works for the new wind farm were provided by CWM while the company MESC was responsible for the electrical infrastructure.


Photo gallery "Building Wind Farm Tera Kora III"


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